Thursday, January 12, 2006

For the Effect

“The Richter Effect” short film teaser is now showing on my web as a Quicktime movie! Along with clips from other short films and various production stills. Have fun.


Ad Infinitum,


Sam Bam Yano

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Films in the works that I’ve put my heart and soul into:

“The Richter Effect”


A huge undertaking to produce, direct and then camera op for a film, but thanks to a dedicated crew and cast we packed a 4 day shooting schedule into 2.5 days.

“A & B”

Director of Photography

I’m particularly proud of the imagery shot for this film. Using the Mini35 adaptor for the DVX100A to fit 35mm lenses, it’s hard to even imagine shooting with anything less.

“The Life of Stanley Davis

Director of Photography

Thanks in part to an easy-going director and trusting producer; I had a chance to try many experimental techniques with lighting and camera that will hopefully come through in the final cut.

“Old Friend”

Art Director

An invisible art but there are certain nuances that most people might not consciously notice but I am most definitely excited about (look for red!).

“Mixed Signals”

Assistant Camera

This was actually a fun experience more than anything – I took pride in efficiently and effectively

“The Tutor”

Key Grip

An ambitious production of action and drama that benefited from an amalgamation of guerilla innovation and technical know-how.

“The Hitchhiker”


From the hard hitting heat of the desert to the smoky shadows of an urban bar, this production pushed the limits on time and space.