Friday, January 30, 2015

Year of the Time Paradox

I bet you didn't realize it but 2014 was the year of Time Paradox movies. EDGE OF TOMORROW being the biggest & best with plenty of hard hitting action, a nice play on the respawn mentality, & Emily "Full Metal Bitch" Blunt. PREDESTINATION gets the mind f*** award. It tests your suspension of disbelief but if you let it, it's a good f***. THE INFINITE MAN is the love centric version with an indie quirk sense of humor. Not my speed but there is a nice realization about the paradox towards the end. TIME LAPSE has the weakest performances & written dialog of the lot but I think the concept & payoff (though lacking in execution) is worth the watch. There may be even a few more but it seems all of these films flew under the radar of most people, and that's the biggest paradox of all!

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Wow, WHIPLASH is like if in MR HOLLAND'S OPUS Dreyfuss was a raging perfectionist a**hole and his student was an obsessive psychotic, but it all plays out like a really great drama. I thoroughly enjoyed it. #gnetx


I wish Franco & Rogan in THE INTERVIEW were swapped out for the cast of THE EXPENDABLES - that would make more sense to me. #gnetx

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Film & TV lightening recollections

GONE GIRL, plenty of intrigue and suspense and I felt, at least for the 1st half, that Fincher was mocking audiences of these type of novels (which I found amusing). But I found the characters to be quite unbelievable and unrelateable.
DUMB & DUMBER 2, some snickers but I lost track of what/why characters were doing and it was all forgettable at best.
WOLVES, very much a b-movie with practical makeup that barely hurdled being completely ridiculous - not bad but you really have to be a 80s/90s horror fan to appreciate it.
ANCHORMAN 2, one of the few movies I just couldn't finish watching - mostly awkward un-funniness in the same vain as 22 JUMP STREET.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, despite knowing and hearing so much about this film I still enjoyed it. The humor and the production design felt so fluid and confident - great entertainment.
"Fargo" TV series, captured so much of the Coen film and yet was completely an entity of its own. Darkly funny, relate-able yet off-beat characters. Last year was a great year of discovering TV series for me: "True Detective" & "Hannibal."
STONEHEARST ASYLUM, I did have expectations going in that didn't quite get met but it's a ok thriller - the twists just didn't hit hard enough and Kate Beckensale's "talents" were under-utilized.
NIGHTCRAWLER, very enthralling themes but Jake Gyllenhaal's uncanny creep factor really elevated this film. There was also a 90s vibe to this film that intrigued me.
HOBBIT 3, these are films that I just fall into without over analyzing the filmmaking. Fantasy films of this scale are now so few and far between that I just savor the grand ambition of the CG and soap opera-esque antics.
"Big Bang Theory," 6 seasons in about a month. I came for Penny and left liking the whole shebang.