Friday, March 17, 2006

Unanswered Dreams

Dreams. The 1st being my fiancéEhaving a new artist friend that I didn't like (there's a deeper truth to this). Anyway, she introduces me and from the get-go I don't like the guy. There were also some strange occurrences that included a sleep over at a classmates place while playing X-Box 360 games but I don't remember details. The dream ended with me in a restaurant. My fiancé ends up leaving early and the artist friend is sitting at a table behind me. I order poached eggs and in the middle of sucking down the yolks the artist friend guy says something that annoys me so I get up and threaten to kick his ass. He asks if I know karate or something and I agree (I didn't want to take the time to explain that I actually know Judo instead). So I send a quick jab to his face and it turns out he can't fight worth a lick so we both sit back down, breathing heavily from all the adrenaline pumping. At any moments notice I was ready to get up and chase down that guy but he just sat there breathing and staring a hole into my back.

The 2nd dream was more of a post-apocalyptic themed dream. I vaguely remember it starting in a garage somewhere with a rumbling and strange noises - a general sense that something bad is going to happen. At another point the bad had already happened and I was searching, with another classmate from CSULB, for weapons or a phone or a car but we end up in this underground tunnel where a battalion of military forces are being deployed. Thinking that in all the chaos that I could sneak in and take some weapons, the alarm goes off and the two of us have to run to a terminal and enter our pin numbers to confirm that we were citizens. After that one of us is riding a bike and we follow some pipes and resurface to the street level at a abandoned restaurant. We grab a bite to eat and I don't remember what happened to the other guy after that. The next thing I remember is talking to my mom on the phone. She tells me everything is ok and that the rest of my family are hiking their way to Artesia (I assume it is the street in LA) and I tell her I'd meet all of them there - in the back of my mind I realize that such a meeting would not be so easy. So I pack a backpack up with bread and other dry foods - I think I grab a few empty bottles and fill them up with water. Somehow at night I end up in a classroom where everyone is filing paperwork for who knows what and I end up filing a form myself. I fill in the blanks and for some parts there were stickers I would peel from a sheet and adhere to the form. It takes me too long to fill the form out and so the invaders are just outside the window blasting people (I guess they were robot aliens of some sort, a bit bigger in size than the average person). They see us in the builder and charge for us. We run for the back exit and I contemplate going back to get my backpack of food but the front window explodes and these massively clunky aliens pour in. I think I was pushing a wheel chair and abandoned it to make a dash for safety. While running for my life I kept thinking make as many left and right turns as you can so that those invaders wouldn't get a clean shot at my back. After a few turns I jump up a ladder and decide to roof hop - That's when I woke up and couldn't help but imagine if my mom had to go through the same hell to get to Artesia.