Friday, July 13, 2007


Another dream that is somewhat strange and surreal. I've been into zombie movies for a little bit even though apocalyptic visions are not high on my list of likes. In this dream I (or the character through which I see everything) is hurled into some dark alley with a handful of others that I don't specifically remember faces - a guy or two, a woman, a girl. We're all trying to navigate these back alleys of brick and shadow and we're trying to figure out who's a zombie and who's not. At this point the zombies are slow moving and they don't seem to be interested in sucking brains or anything. In one case we approached a security gate with a few zombies dragging there feet on the other end chasing a man. The man approaches the gate and begs for us to help him but we can't get the gate open and for one reason or another we kind of thought he was one of them and didn't try our hardest to get him out. So the dream is a bit spotty as I'm forgetting what happened. I do remember joining an older man and his wife on a roof and we look out over this nondescript plaza of this nondescript town and see that there are a lot more zombies than we thought. Once in a while we saw them chase a regular person but for some reason our interest was in the city hall of sorts that looked like an old museum of sorts. To be continued.... explosions, fight with construction worker.