Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Newport Beach to Feel the "Effect"

If you missed the DGA showing of “The Richter Effect,” now is your chance to catch it at the Newport Beach Film Festival. The short film will show in the Cal State University Long Beach Showcase 4/26/2007 at 7:30 pm in the Edwards Island Cinemas - Cox Theater. As always I want to thank my cast and crew for making the film happen and I’m glad to see that collaborative energy propel us unto bigger and brighter endeavors, together.

'The Richter Effect' will appear in the following in the order shown:
Program CSULB Showcase

'The TV Broke' Contact - Gerson Sanginitto
'One Sister' Contact - Michelle Gevoian
'Bee Golden' Contact - Ryan Silveira
'West of Glory' Contact - Daniel Kinsbursky
'Brooklyn' Contact - Sonyo Estavillo
'The Unobtrusive Plot' Contact - Gregory Crosby
'The Richter Effect' Contact - Sam Yano
'Each Other' Contact - Roger Melvin
'Orizuru' Contact - Junya Sakino


Ad Infinitum,



Sam K. Yano
Director, “The Richter Effect”







Sean P. Lavin, Father                

- My brother in arms, from the beginning to our undiscovered end.


Lezli Alley, Mother                    

- Lezli swooped in and saved me in the last moments of casting, meeting and beating my expectations for her role.


Connor Webb, Danny                

- Connor kept the production light with his charming smile and curious nature – he reminded me of why I never want to grow up.


Brooke DeBetties, Melissa                    

- Professional through and through, talented as well as dedicated beyond her years – a rare find to live and learn by.



Adam Amberden                                   

- He managed to hit every curve ball I threw at him during production. And he just makes me laugh by being himself. Thanks Adam!



Matt Dow

- Another homerun hitter. He backed all my plays no matter how ridiculous – Matt is the ultimate “Fixer” because he just made things work without even breaking a sweat.



Anne Caballero

- When comes to camera positioning and framing, you either got it or you don’t – Anne’s got it… and then some!




José Sanchez

- Mister suave! When Sanchez speaks everything is just smooth and cool. Like a warming shot of tequila.


Archie Arenas

- When Archie smiles, it could be good or it could be bad, but at least you’ll know you can laugh about it later.




Michael Rossetti

- There ain’t anyone that knows their production stuff like the Rossetti – he’s scary that way. Nuff said.


Lester Corpuz

- Mister nice. You just can’t go wrong with this guy – calm, collected – I dare anyone to claim that they don’t like Lester. Lester’s cool.  



ReyRonald Pineda

- Yeah… um, if there’s anyone I can easily blame for things going wrong on set, Rey would be the perfect scapegoat. But the guy has a heart of gold and he’s a really good friend. So I can only blame myself for liking the guy too much. Thanks Rey.



Glenda Sherrell

- Always there with a winning enthusiasm. Thanks Glenda!



David Philip Miller – Thanks David!

Nicholas Pasqua – Nice guy. Thanks Nick!

Miho Shindo – I ended up marrying this PA.



Jennifer Kroll

- What is “The Richter Effect”? Well great performances framed by great makeup.



Diane Timmons

IT Catering

- The food was good – Diane took good care of us and you know there’s nothing better than a hot meal after working your butt off.



Sam K. Yano

- I wouldn’t trust my baby with anyone else.



Rory Kelly

- The man, the myth, the legend. The god-father of my film production education.