Friday, May 31, 2013

I usually make it a point to not draw commercial characters (unless they're my own) but this was for my niece's school project. The onigiri was improvised...

It was either draw Mononoke Hime or Totoro for my niece's homework. I figure Totoro would be easier but I'm more a Mononoke fan myself - I prefer neo Miyazaki over classic Miyazaki.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The business of being a fan

Interesting to see a legitimization of Fan Fiction with Kindle Worlds... or should I say commercialization. But the entertainment biz is just that, a Biz.

Out of line

Process is more the journey for a writer than the finished manuscript. I spend more of my time outlining than I ever do actually writing a script which can be frustrating but necessary for my process.

Monday, May 20, 2013

If it only Reached for a little more

Overall I liked JACK REACHER but I think rhythmically it can be a bit underwhelming. There're plenty of small twists but no truly big set piece (mostly the fault of my expectations after watching ST2). It also seemed thinned out between being an action, thriller, drama, and procedural movie like when it glossed over the conspiracy reveal, which I thought was supposed important but apparently not for the movie. I felt the same way about McQuarrie's previous film WAY OF THE GUN which I gave a pass despite having issues with it.

Clarification when into Darkness

I'm sensitive to revealing spoilers but if you visit the STAR TREK 2 IMDB page Benedict Cumberbatch is listed as "Khan" and there's been plenty of chatter on the Internet about Khan's role in the film without being plot specific. So if you think that fact spoils the movie, then in my opinion you're missing the point of the film. It's like saying Leonidas dying at the end of the movie 300 is a spoiler even though the results of the Battle of Thermopylae are historically well documented.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trek of the future

STAR TREK 2 modernizes WRATH OF KHAN with less emotional impact but is clever with exhaustive plot maneuvering. Don't expect much of an elaboration on Khan or his legacy, just enjoy the ride.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Man of possible steel

MAN OF STEEL trailer looked even grander in IMAX 3D. But I'm still not sold it will be as good as I would want.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Reaching for Jack

Got an early-long day tomorrow & I'll be late tonight. But JACK REACHER is waiting for me at home... decisions.

Ink me in

I still like the idea of an e-ink tablet with a bigger screen and notepad capabilities. Best of all, no backlight and 3 weeks of battery on a single charge.
Sony A4-sized digital paper notepad is light, durable and responsive #DigInfo
Sony A4-sized digital paper notepad is light, durable and responsive ( 15/5/2013 Educational IT Solutions Expo Sony ...

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Iron Pass

I can't believe how many critics are giving IRONMAN 3 a pass despite going on about how flawed it is. Sure I was amused at many junctures in the movie, but that doesn't make it good cinema. But I'll freely admit that my expectations got the best of me.

Micro Marvels Kickstarter

Micro Marvels Kickstarter campaign is a GO! Please support this educational campaign! Friend and colleague Tim Doherty, an Emmy award winning 3D animation guru, is on a mission to produce a series of intricate and informative animations depicting the foundations of biology. The goal is to offer these videos at no cost to schools for teaching. Modules include: A Tour of a Cell, Mysteries of DNA, Viruses, The Immune System, (stretch goals) Understanding Cancer and Human Body Systems!

Sunday, May 05, 2013


Yup, woke up this mornin and I still hate IRONMAN 3...

IRON anyone

Apparently anyone, even air, can be IRONMAN. And his superpower is jumping in and out of the suit which everyone in the movie can do anyway.

Thanks IRONMAN 3

Thanks IRONMAN 3, I'll be reluctant to watch another Marvel movie because they seem to not give a shit about the lineage of their intellectual properties.

Thanks IRONMAN 3

Thanks IRONMAN 3, I'll never watch a Real 3D movie ever again (have only watched IMAX 3D until today). IRONMAN 3 was a waste of 3D.