Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cognative Dissonance in Film

Play with the audience's emotions, build expectations and manipulate emotions. And then at the climax of those heightened emotions, smack them with an unexpected stimulus. While they are in shock, their previous beliefs and conventions of thinking are vulnerable to a significant if not complete reconstruction. This where the 3rd act of your film can inject new meaning to the themes you are exploring.

Key to Movie Magic

Preparation + Opportunity = Luck (aka Movie Magic)

Feature Film Script Presentation

- Choose film script and read.
- Summarize story of film.
- Identify genre and underline themes of film.
- Identify main characters (at least 3) and describe their role in the film.
- Identify plot points of main character AND page number: Flaw, Catalyst, Big Event, Crisis, Pinch, Showdown, Realization.
- Identify the beginning and ending of Act 1, 2, and 3 and the plot points that transition to each act.
- Identify if the character changes by the end of the film and how or why this is so.
- Identify differences between script and film.
- Describe your own approach to directing this film: casting, locations, set design, lighting, camera, editing, etc.
- Oral presentation, 10 minutes.

Godfather Character Breakdown

Michael Corleone

Flaw: Doesn't want to be a part of his family.
Catalyst: Michael is always wanted close to the family but not a part of the business.
Big Event: Michael's father is shot.
Pinch: Michael must protect his father.
Crisis: Michael is the only one who can get close to Sollozzo and kill him.
Showdown: Michael discovers the traitor and plans a grand revenge.
Realization: Michael cannot escape his family responsibilities.

Vito Corleone

Flaw: Tries to retain to old ways, keep Michael out of family business.
Catalyst: Refuses to Sollozzo's drug business offer - grooms Sunny to take over business to keep Michael out. Don is shot.
Big Event: Don hears that Michael killed Sollozzo.
Pinch: Sunny is killed. Fredo is incapable of running the family.
Crisis: Michael is the only one who can run the family and find the traitor.
Showdown: Don dies and Michael takes over.
Realization: Times change and influence is subliminal as is blood - you cannot control fate.