Thursday, May 11, 2006

Freakin Cockaroachas!

Ok this morning I freaked like a little school girl when a freakin inch and a half cockroach creeped along my counter and into my dish washer. After a moment collecting what dignity I had left, I grabbed the vacuum and hunted down the bugger. I sucked him up with a "thawump" and took every precaution to make sure I bagged the intruder. But when I removed the vacuum bag, that slick backed little shit was too big to fit through the bag opening and escaped! After another freak session I tracked him down again and sucked him up once more. Now I'm sitting here and typing this memo while the vacuum remains on to make sure that vile vermin doesn't get a way a 3rd time. I FREAKIN HATE COCKROACHES is that hasn't been established yet.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

FW: In Effect

Sorry by “this coming Saturday,” I meant Saturday May 20th (not this coming Saturday but the following Saturday).




From: Sam K. Yano []
Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2006 11:44 AM
Subject: In Effect


My short film “The Richter Effect” will be the opening act of the Spring Student Showcase at 7:30PM this coming Saturday (May 20th) in the University Theater (near the 7th street entrance of CSULB). It will be the 1st film showing, so don’t be late! $6 for students, $8 adults (at the door) - $5 for advanced sale of tickets (CPAC Ticket Office 562-985-7000). Archie Arena’s film “The Life of Stanley Davis” (for which I did the cinematography) will also be playing on Saturday. Hiram Chan’s film “A and B” (for which I did the cinematography and edited) will be showing Friday night at 7:30PM.


Note: The showcase will premiere films with language and themes that might not be appropriate for younger audience members.


You can check out the trailer for the film at:


A big-big “Thank You” to all that contributed to the film and I hope to C-U-@ the movies!


Sam K. Yano



Leader Line

So how'yall doin these days? I just finished color correcting Archie Arena's
film (which I DP'd) and put the finishing touches on Hiram Chan's film
(which I also DP'd and edited - I really like how it turned out). "The
Richter Effect" benefited from some additional effects and sound design, but
surprisingly I kept the edit similar to what I showed in class (the 1st cut
seemed to work for me without getting too fancy). I did add a small segment
after the earthquake where we hear the father calling for help. My film will
open the Saturday night showcase.

Other than that, I'll probably be heading to Cancun for my honeymoon - check
out the Chichen-Mayan ruins (I read that from January of this year you can't
climb the steps of the pyramid - big bummer). When I get back from fun in
the sun, I'm gonna try and put a horror short film together - helming a
horror film has been an obsession of mine for quite sometime.

Anywho, hope yall are doing well - drop a line on how things are going.

Ad Infintum,

Sam Bam