Saturday, July 30, 2011

TK Carter knife fight that inspired SAKI movie knife fight

You can see T. K. Carter's knife fight from the American TV show "Punky Brewster" that inspired the knife fight in SAKI. It starts right around 5:00.
Punky catches a boy breaking into her room and stealing from her. Henry takes the boy to Fenster Hall where Mike Fulton, one of the workers there, tries to bond with him. Stars Soleil Moon Frye - Punky Brewster Cherie Johnson - Cherie Johnson George Gaynes - Henry Warnimont Betty Johnson - Sus

Punky beginnings

Trivia: When killer Kanekichi 1st attacks Saki's grandfather, Shin, the Old Man takes off his sweater and wraps it around his arm to fight against Kanekichi's tanto knife. This action sequence was originally conceived by the writer as a child many years ago while watching an episode of the American TV show "Punky Brewster" where Punky's teacher (played by T. K. Carter) saves her from a trouble maker named Blade by wrapping a handkerchief around his hand to prevent from getting cut.

Dreams that lie to me

In my dream, my friend Sean explained that a young electric ukulele musician named Walt would train mice to bite down on his cables in order to prevent them from getting tangled. The 1st mouse he trained was named Mickey and thus the legend of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse began. Oddly enough if he wasn't explaining this to me while being bored in a Japanese hostess club, I would've believed him.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Subtext of subtitles

I don't know how many writers get to do their own subtitles but for SAKI it's been a good lesson on how to keep dialog tight and efficient. Nobody wants to read a fricken novel on the screen. Keep It Simple Scriptwriters!

Monday, July 25, 2011

3D to come

I'm game Mr. Scott. And I'm certainly looking forward to PROMETHEUS to convince me.
News and reviews for 3D TVs, games, movies, gadgets, tech and more.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Anime Toy Story

Although I can identify with the movie TOY STORY, my childhood toy play was imagined more like this...
The return of Sephiroth, see how Cloud will do to fight back against Sephiroth, main skills is green screen, effects mainly practicing fire,twist fire, color...

Friday, July 08, 2011

SAKI Writer/DP Production Notebook

In prepping for my next script I came across the production binder for my feature SAKI. There's a lot of sweat & tears in these pages but it's all about collaborating with a great group of artists.