Monday, July 14, 2008

Deja Vu

Tony Scott is such a great visceral filmmaker. Just saw the film "Deja Vu," which I hadn't heard much about in my circles, and I really liked the concept from the pretense of creating a window into the past via a "Google Street View" type extrapolation of visual data to the unfolding (or at least the ambition) of a greater theme with fate and free-will - there's even hints of religeous and/or spiritual thought. Of coarse there are issues with the climax in how Denzel takes it one step further than seeing into the past but when it's all wrapped up (and you've let yourself believe a little), it makes for a nice package. And view the making of the film reinvigorated the aspiring the technical director in me - the youth that studied the movements of visual filmmaking greats like Cameron and Fincher. The inspired ideas that spawn the use of all matters of technilogical advancements in any and all fields to realize a visual story point. The ability to see beyond the ever widening scope of digital possibilty and bring back the visceral feel of practical effects and, in turn, mixing up the right combination of the two.