Monday, October 20, 2014

Lightning Movie &TV Recollections

THE ICEMAN: Solid film with solid performances & seamless 80's production design. Though it is a bit jarring to see so many back-to-back cameos of recognizable celebs.

HOW TO TRAIN YOU DRAGON 1 & 2: 1 was really great & enthralling in unexpected ways - really does make me want to fly (on a dragon!). 2 does everything you'd expect from a sequel but focuses more on filling story gaps while the thrill of flying a dragon is not enhanced much.

Re-watched HARA-KIRI (with my parents no less): The opening mystery unravels in such a powerful turn of events but then the back story is so bleak & depressing & then the ending is a classic Miike cut'em up Samurai showdown with a reversal on the nobility of a romanticized era of old. A little bit for everyone in my family.

"Walking Dead" S4: really the best season yet. S1 sputtered, S2 meandered, S3 aggravated as characters made stupid decisions. While I was worried S4 was going to be a S2 re-do it really branched off and tried different things with each episode. Some were silly but others really hit the drama home - best of all you can see the series different things which is important as the whole zombie thing gets tired.

Re-watched SCHOOL OF ROCK (with my daughter): I couldn't quite remember if this film was kid appropriate or even interesting for kids but my daughter really liked it (she usually tunes out if it's not animated).

"The Black List" S1: Still watching it but I f-ing hate it much in the same way I hated "The Killing." It's derivative garbage that rides the back of so many other shows before it. These are supposed to be extraordinary characters with extraordinary abilities but time after time they slide through staged situations without demonstrating anything extraordinary. That's why I hate 90% of all law enforcement TV dramas.

THE SUSPECT: And now Korean action films are feeling recycled. Some stunts and car chases looked great but even with so much flying all over the screen I actually got bored. Mostly because I've seen this stuff one too many times in far superior Korean films and so there's not much that's memorable in this latest one.


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