Friday, January 30, 2015

Year of the Time Paradox

I bet you didn't realize it but 2014 was the year of Time Paradox movies. EDGE OF TOMORROW being the biggest & best with plenty of hard hitting action, a nice play on the respawn mentality, & Emily "Full Metal Bitch" Blunt. PREDESTINATION gets the mind f*** award. It tests your suspension of disbelief but if you let it, it's a good f***. THE INFINITE MAN is the love centric version with an indie quirk sense of humor. Not my speed but there is a nice realization about the paradox towards the end. TIME LAPSE has the weakest performances & written dialog of the lot but I think the concept & payoff (though lacking in execution) is worth the watch. There may be even a few more but it seems all of these films flew under the radar of most people, and that's the biggest paradox of all!

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