Thursday, January 01, 2015

Film & TV lightening recollections

GONE GIRL, plenty of intrigue and suspense and I felt, at least for the 1st half, that Fincher was mocking audiences of these type of novels (which I found amusing). But I found the characters to be quite unbelievable and unrelateable.
DUMB & DUMBER 2, some snickers but I lost track of what/why characters were doing and it was all forgettable at best.
WOLVES, very much a b-movie with practical makeup that barely hurdled being completely ridiculous - not bad but you really have to be a 80s/90s horror fan to appreciate it.
ANCHORMAN 2, one of the few movies I just couldn't finish watching - mostly awkward un-funniness in the same vain as 22 JUMP STREET.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, despite knowing and hearing so much about this film I still enjoyed it. The humor and the production design felt so fluid and confident - great entertainment.
"Fargo" TV series, captured so much of the Coen film and yet was completely an entity of its own. Darkly funny, relate-able yet off-beat characters. Last year was a great year of discovering TV series for me: "True Detective" & "Hannibal."
STONEHEARST ASYLUM, I did have expectations going in that didn't quite get met but it's a ok thriller - the twists just didn't hit hard enough and Kate Beckensale's "talents" were under-utilized.
NIGHTCRAWLER, very enthralling themes but Jake Gyllenhaal's uncanny creep factor really elevated this film. There was also a 90s vibe to this film that intrigued me.
HOBBIT 3, these are films that I just fall into without over analyzing the filmmaking. Fantasy films of this scale are now so few and far between that I just savor the grand ambition of the CG and soap opera-esque antics.
"Big Bang Theory," 6 seasons in about a month. I came for Penny and left liking the whole shebang.


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