Saturday, March 21, 2015

Some horror movie recollections

BACKCOUNTRY takes a fairly simple premise and setting and does a pretty decent job creating some tense atmosphere. No surprises, though if you know the ending of the doc GRIZZLY MAN this film's climax is much like the visualization of that brutal carnage (which is in fact surprisingly effective). There maybe one too many shallow focus photography style nature shots and sometimes the characters do seemingly silly or even frustratingly stupid things but the performances are believable. I did some backpacking long ago so much of the slow-burn lead-in was just a nice look back on my own experiences. I should add that this film is infinitely better than WILLOW CREEK which has similar elements but was just god-awfully ineffective and pointless. #facebook


I don't want to fully discredit THE CANAL because it has some pretty creepy scenes (mostly towards the end), but it also blatantly rips off visuals from THE RING with none of the clever context. But this film does take it one step further in the very end where I was vocally uttering "What the f***!" The story itself is very uninspired (another AMITYVILLE HORROR rehash) and the final reveal is an unreliable narrator type f*** you to the audience which I can't stand (though I know a lot of simpletons would like it). But like I said, it does stretch it's dollars in ambiance - ultimately it just needs better plotting.‪#‎gnetx‬
A man who suspects his wife is cheating on him begins having nightmarish visions of an evil presence that he believes inhabits his house.

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