Sunday, May 31, 2015

"Between" hilariously bad and mediocrity

So I just couldn't fathom what a 1 out of 5 star Netflix series would be like so I checked out the 1st episode of "Between." Of course some people are disgruntled with the weekly release format but on the surface the production looked competent. As the plotting picked up I realized that the awkwardly bad of the series was really nuanced stuff - as if the writer or director just didn't understand the material. Like when various family members coughed up blood the unanimous reaction was to just stand there looking worried and call out their name but do nothing. Or when a character runs off screen looking for help and then literally runs into the next scene finding the specific help that was probably miles away (like if it were a Saturday Night Live skit). And much of the dialog sounded either predictable or just a bit off for the given situation. I actually found it to be quite entertaining in a mean-hearted, critical way but the real hilarity is in what others are saying around the Net both bad and good - apparently there are some who think "Between" is quite phenomenal. I just think it's all unintentionally funny and wish they really push harder on that angle.

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