Thursday, January 21, 2016


Been awhile since I dreamed and remembered it. This one was certainly surreal. It was never explicitly stated but I was most definitely Spiderman. I don't quite remember whst happened earlier in the dream but at some point I lost my powers and was trying to get back home. On my way trying to swing through a jungle of steel supports (in an ally or under a bridge) a web slinger fails and I get stuck where a gang that hates me captures me. As the gang tries to burn me with acid, I flip a table that we sit at causing the leader to spill acid on himself and splash it in the floor. I jump onto the acid-weakened floor and go crashing through. I am helped by my escape by Archie (from CSULB) and a frantic hispanic woman with 2 kids. When I get home I felt so happy to be safe within familiar walls eventhough my room was practically empty. As I'm frantically looking around my room the 2 kids go off looking for trouble and I stop them from alerting Aunt May. Archie for some reason looked lost.

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